Legalio CMS helps lawyers build a better practice and
helps enterprise automate the process of storage of litigation records.


Online Access anywhere anytime

Legalio CMS is cloud based SaaS application. Legalio CMS is a case management system which digitalizes the record keeping of case diary and case files.Legalio CMS provides online storage space for saving user documents in a organized way. User can access Legalio CMS from any device using cloud services.


Mobile Access

Legalio CMS is a mobile ready application. It is very difficult to carry PC everywhere. User can access their account from any browser or Mobile/Tablet.


Multi-functional Case Diary

Legalio CMS has a unique Multi-functional Case Diary feature. Legalio CMS has following features as a case diary.

▣ Maintaining complete details of all the cases.
▣ Managing date wise proceedings of all the cases.
▣ Maintaining proceeding history of all the cases.
▣ Maintaining court wise detail of case i.e. Court type, City of court and Court Number.

▣ Categorizing Pending and Disposed cases.
▣ Managing the Judge, Petitioner and Respondent details of the Case.
▣ Managing details of case transfers of the cases.


Schedule Management

Legalio CMS allows user to keep track of their schedule. User can check the schedule with multiple options. It allows to view and print schedule of cases. User can check the schedule with following search filters:-

▣ All
▣ Today
▣ Tomorrow
▣ Next 7 days

▣ Next 30 Days
▣ Yesterday
▣ Last 7 days
▣ Last 30 Days


Multi Functional Search Options

Legalio CMS has multi-functional search options. Once a user has added case details, it will be very easy to find any details of a case by using multiple search options. Legalio CMS allows user to perform following multi-functional search:-

▣ Search By Name
▣ Search By Proceeding Date
▣ Search Documents
▣ Search Notings
▣ Search In the Court Of Honourable
▣ Search By Honourable Judge Name
▣ Search By Court No
▣ Search Case Type

▣ Search Updation Person
▣ Search Updation Manager
▣ Search Under Act
▣ Search Under Section
▣ Search By Filing Date
▣ Search By Next Hearing Date
▣ Search By Registration Date
▣ Search By Registration No


Multi-Report Options

Legalio CMS has a multi-functional reporting feature. User can view, download and print multiple type of reports. There are many different types of reporting available in Legalio CMS.

▣ Case History Report
▣ Daily Case Schedule Report
▣ Report By Name
▣ Report By Proceeding Date
▣ Report Documents
▣ Report Notings
▣ Report In the Court Of Honourable
▣ Report By Honourable Judge Name
▣ Report By Court No

▣ Report Case Type
▣ Report Updation Person
▣ Report Updation Manager
▣ Report Under Act
▣ Report Under Section
▣ Report By Filing Date
▣ Report By Next Hearing Date
▣ Report By Registration Date
▣Report By Registration No


Document Management

This feature allows the user to maintain an E-file/ digital file of the case by storing all the applications and documents of the case files in digital format. It also has option to store different types of format documents. User can also enter personalised name or date to their documents. User can also add notings along with uploaded documents. User can delete, view, download ,search and share documents.Legalio CMS has seperate space to store the following:-

▣ Applications
▣ Orders

▣ Reference documents
▣ Evidence documents


SMS Notifications

Legalio CMS also has feature to send SMS notification to the registered mobile number on Updation of case proceeding.


Customer support

Legalio CMS is the cloud based application and we provide only online support to resolve the issues faced by the user. Our Customer Support team is available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all working days except Sunday. Our support team consists of dedicated individuals focused on helping to solve the issues, getting answers to the queries. We provide exceptional customer support and service. A team of professional customer support dedicated to resolve the issues at the earliest is always available for prompt services.


Security and Safety

Legalio CMS has SSL Certified security.The password of user is encrypted and is not visible even to our admin department. It is recommended to use a strong password and to keep it safe and secure. Keeping user’s data safe and secure is our top priority.


Law Practice Management

Multi-Functional Case Diary, Schedule Management, E-Mail/ SMS Notification, Document Management, Multi-User Rights and Restrictions, Mobile View Application, Multi-Functional Search Options, Multi-Report Options on Cloud Computing integrates to form a Law Practice Management feature.


Multi-User Rights and Restrictions

Legalio CMS provides Multi-user option in which user can assign up to 5 multi users for each case file. User can also restrict the right of multi-users for updating proceedings and uploading the documents. This feature enables user to share case file with the desired person either an client or office colleague or any other person.