Legalio CMS is a Product of Logixia Solutions.Logixia Solutions develops Industry Specific Software’s. Legalio CMS helps lawyers build a better practice and helps Enterprise automate the process of storage of litigation records.


Logixia Solutions develops Industry Specific Software’s for better Solutions and provides innovative approach towards delivering business value to the customers. Logixia Solutions helps its clients to do better business by technology expertise.Legalio CMS is a product of Logixia Solutions.Legalio CMS is Comprehensive, easy-to-use cloud-based Case Management cum Law Practice Management Software.Legalio CMS also has E-mail Notifications,SMS Notifications and Multiusers rights as a Features. Legalio CMS is a Case Management cum Law Practice Management Software.
Legalio CMS is built for use of legal professionals and their clients to manage the documents of the case in an organized way. The objective of Legalio CMS is to organize the documents of the case file and to upload the Attachments of the case file and to attach notings and reference judgements for the better management of the case and to keep a digital record of the case file in extention to physical file. Legalio CMS helps user to access the updated case file record anytime and anywhere by connecting online which helps save time of users and also improves the quality of practice for Professional.

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